Anchorage Tea and Libertarian Party Oppose Title 21


by Maggie Young

Officials from Anchorage Tea and Libertarian parties gather in Anchorage to voice their opposition to Title 21.

The title is a zoning regulation that says how commercial and residential buildings are allowed to look.

The Anchorage Municipality has been rewriting the title for the past decade and is nearly done.

Tea Party and Libertarian members say that this title invades their rights. They feel that the government really shouldn't be able to control what a home owner should do with the residence.

Title 21 is not something that citizens can vote on.

The rewriting started about 10 years ago during the Begich administration. Officials say it is nearly finished.

The meeting tonight was a chance for residents to voice their opinions on the title.

Officials say that having some control over Title 21 is especially important for Alaskans.

"I do think that we like our freedom and individuality," says Eddie Burke, Chairman of the Anchorage Tea Party. "I think that we like to be able to make those personal decisions about color, style, size, things like that. Really Title 21, if you read it and get into the weeds, kind of takes away your rights."

Officials also say that the Title 21 rewrite could also raise the cost of housing.