Mark Colavecchio

Host, ABC News at 5


After graduating from Fordham University and then the Witness Protection Program, I hit the road in search of a dream. Actually in search of a woman inside that dream, but I digress.

In 1995, after winning a contest, I tried out for the newsperson job with 106.5 KWHL. It's funny because its a rock radio station. I got the job because I was competing against OJ (who was on the run), a trained monkey, and a deaf mute. Hey, that monkey was smart!

That's when I began my odyssey. Even though I only did two breaks an hour and spoke only when spoken to, I was learning right away. You can't teach "funny", you either have it or you don't. For some odd reason, management thought I had it!

In another stroke of luck, er, genius, the management at KYUR wanted more personality driven shows. The people they considered for THAT job couldn't do it so they asked me! HA!

I love presenting the news of the day in a more natural, conversational way that we can all relate to. Adding a little wit sprinkled with sarcasm and a hint of healthy skepticism never hurt anyone!

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