AD Hip Hop Rap Awards

A preview of the second annual Alaska Hip Hop and Rap Awards. Featuring performances by OverComeHer Olivia Davis and Thomas Marsh. Reggie Ward and Jasmin Smith join host Dorene Lorenz to take a peek at the show known as the Coldest Winter Ever.

  • AD Joel Loosli

    From Silk ties to Silk scarves, through the world of iPhone pictures, Alaskan Joel Loosli seems to have determine how to monetize all that is Alaskan. Read More »

  • AD: Agents of Karma

    Alaska's hardest hitting rock band joins the set for a behind the scenes interview and two sets of songs. Read More »

  • AD Eskimo Bob Lives Simucast

    A World Wide First! Eskimo Bob Lives broadcast embedded in an Alaska Daily episode. See Eskimo Bob Lives for exclusive behind-the-scenes/between-the-breaks coverage. You will never believe what these two talk about when they are not on air. Read More »

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