AD Pulse Dance

Stephanie Wonchala, founder of the Pulse Dance company - demonstrates why this exciting new movement is taking Alaska by storm.

  • AD Hip Hop Rap Awards

    A preview of the second annual Alaska Hip Hop and Rap Awards. Featuring performances by OverComeHer Olivia Davis and Thomas Marsh. Reggie Ward and Jasmin Smith join host Dorene Lorenz to take a peek at the show known as the Coldest Winter Ever. Read More »

  • AD Krystal Fannin

    The country music stylings of Eagle River singer-songwriter Krystal Fannin are explored, including the performance of several of her original songs. Guest performance with her sister, Tiffany Fannin Lund. Read More »

  • AD Muldoon Manny

    For those of you who missed it the first time, by popular demand, the rapping stylings of Alaska's own Muldoon Manny. Is Dorene really teaching this cat how to gang sign the Anchorage high schools? Read More »

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