Field Trips

AD Tom Begich

Tom Begich discusses the state of education in the State of Alaska, as well as the ramifications of proposals currently in front of the Legislature.

  • AD: Deantha Crockett

    She's the new face of Alaska's mining, and her messages hits straight in Alaska's golden heart. Alaska Miners Association Executive Director Deantha Crockett explains how mining has changed since its early roots in Alaska. Read More »

  • AD Behind the Scenes with Dorene

    Follow Alaska Daily host Dorene Lorenz as she explores the trade show of the Alaska Miners Association in between interviews. Spoiler Alert: Her pockets were empty when she left the trade show. Bummer. Read More »

  • AD Alaska Miners Association

    The Alaska Mining Industry has more to offer than great costumes for the Fur Rondy Ball with the trappers. From Mom & Pop operations to some of the largest mines in the world, Alaska Daily takes a field trip to a gathering of folks who scratch a living out of the dirt. Read More »

  • AD Rada Khadjinova

    Rada Khadjinova has been burning up the slopes for decades, and currently holds a Masters Champion title. She takes us back to her early days of training...prepping for the Russian Olympic team. Read More »

  • AD: Sister Cities Commission

    What is a "sister city"? Dorene welcomes some special guests to find out! Read More »

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