211 connects Alaskans to more than 3,000 resources


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE-Most people know you will get a first responder by dialing 9-1-1 and  for directory assistance you can call 4-1-1. There is also another state wide resource available in Alaska, 2-1-1.

Finding what you need may be as easy as making a phone call. This United Way program is a direct line to more than three thousand resources. From housing, to health care and tax information, this organization keeps you connected.

Each day a staff of five take up to 120 calls.The center said, "hello" more than 26 thousand times in 2013.While picking up the phone may be easy enough, the organization plans on making web tools part of their connection.

Anchorage's 2-1-1 call center is the only center in the U.S. to share headquarters with an emergency management office.

If a disaster were to happen and knock 2-1-1 off the grid, the system is designed so that centers along the pacific would pick up the calls.