Mike's Music hosts used instrument drive


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE -- Masha Fredrick, a repair technician at Mikes Music, has been a band director for 30 years, and loves how music brings joy to children.

"The face lights up, and they are like 'ah, this is coo,l'" said Fredrick,  "or 'i really
like this,' whether its the color or the way it sounds or something about
the instrument itself. There is nothing like a kid's face lighting
Mike's Music - in Eagle River - will be celebrating it's 20th year anniversary.

For this year, they have somthing special for the kids.

Store manager, Katrina Eldred said, "We are going to be donating the parts, we are going to be donating the labor and we are going to get them as up to play ability as we can before we are handing them over to the schools."

During the month of June, they will be collecting used instruments to donate to local schools for students who cannot afford to rent or buy one.
Music brings so many different likes of people together, and at Mike's Music, the community has a chance to help the young generations succeed.
"It means a chance to give back," adds Eldred. "it means helping our community and
helping children. children learn music and that's terribly important to me."
It's important to all the empoyees.
"Music is the way we express everything," said Fredrick. "It's not whether you play, or sing or whether you listen, it is how you show your inner self. it's an important part of just being alive."
As a former band director, Fredrick knows how it can be hard on the parents who want to see their children happy, but don't have the money to even rent a flute, carienet or voilen.
Fredrick adds, "when you can't afford things, it gives you an option of yourself that's
down, and to be able to be a part of something as great as band, when you
didn't think you were going to, it think it's just fantastic."
At the end of the drive, donations will be given to the Anchorage School District for this coming school year. 
Fredrick loves helping kids and being able to make a young person's dream come true.
"It would mean so much, and you never know which of those kids are going
to flourish. It's a good feeling."