Social media aids APD


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- Over the weekend three vulnerable men were reported missing.

Sixty-five-year-old Wesley Bruno, 26-year-old Gabe Debrill, and 62-year-old Curtis Lynch.

As of Monday all three were safely found, and the Anchorage Police Department largely credits social media.

Last December APd launched its Facebook page, and with posting pictures and information about missing persons the police department has found the information goes viraly pretty quickly.  

"One of our biggest goals is to be accessible more to the public and often times we get that it's kind of intimidating to come to the police department, and so in this way we're trying to come more to our public and say hey we're here if you have questions concerns if you want to report information we're accessible and were on the channels that our public is on as well. So, that was really important for us to do that and further open up our lines of communication with the public," Jennifer Castro, Public Affairs, APD.