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ASD hosts budget hearings

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- The Anchorage School District's budget is up for discussion once again. On Monday night the first of three budget hearings was held at Wendler Middle School. Parents and teachers expressed their concerns for what will happen if cuts continue in the school district. Everything from larger class sizes to loss of programs.  ... Read more »

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With budget shortfalls ASD asks for public opinion

ANCHORAGE, Ak -- The Anchorage School District is starting to look at is financial outlook for next school year and again is facing shortfall. The district is facing a 22.5 million dollar short... Read More »

Mountain View students recieve free backpacks from Fluor

ANCHORAGE, Ak--  Tuesday night was open house night for parents and students at Mountain View Elementary. Not only did they get to meet with teachers, but they recieved free backpacks. Staff... Read More »

ASD strives to give students safe learning environment

ANCHORAGE, Ak--  Incoming freshman at Juneau High School recently experience hazing from upper classmen on the football team. And the senior players were punished for their actions. But... Read More »