Alaska Taste Test

Polaris K-12 Students Enjoy Farm to School Samples


by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE- Popular brand, "Alaska Grown" may be making an appearance on school lunch menus across the Anchorage School District.

New school menu regulations went into effect for the 2012-2013 school year. The ASD is working to bring more locally grown and fresher produce into school cafeterias as a result.

Students from the East High School culinary class took beets, squash, turnips and parsnips and made recipes for the Polaris K-12 student taste test.

The event was sponsored by the divison of agriculture's Farm to School program and was an attempt to bring healthier variety to school lunch menus, "no one wants to eat green beans every day or even once a week. so we're hoping to add more veggies and variety," said ASD dietician,  Ladonna Dean.

Troubled by what some of his peers were eating, Polaris student government President, Sam Erickson said, "Being healthy is part of well being and that's something you can learn and school lunch is the perfect place to start," about why he felt more vegtables need to be present in schools.

Each Sample was given a score between one and five.The ASD will look at those scores to see if any of the new side dishes will be offered on future school menus.