Anchorage residents speak up on issues for next session

State law-makers heading to Juneau for session soongot an earful Saturday at the Loussac Library.


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE- State law-makers heading to Juneau for session soongot an earful Saturday at the Loussac Library as hundreds showed up for the public forum to sound off the issues they believe matter most. 

Early Saturday morning, 18 legislators representing Anchorage invited the public to sound-off on their concerns at the Loussac Library before they head off to Juneau for session. 
Hundreds showed up and packed out the auditorium normally used for assembly meetings. 
Along with testimony regarding on impending budget deficits and a number of construction projects, dominating the mic was the issue of public school funding 
Many residents concerned that the schools base student allocation has remained the same for over three years. 
ASD officials have said they may need to lay off classroom teachers possibly increasing class size and increasing teachers workload. 
Says one attendee: "We need to keep those teachers on boards, because without those teachers we can't have an educated work force, we can't staff the oil fields, we can't staff businesses, we can't do anything." 
State representative Geran Tarr says she is well aware of the issue and believes it will be in the fore-front this session. 
"I'm sure folks have seen drastic cuts and predictions of cuts of 200 more positions. I hope that we really address that and take the time to make sure our schools have their resources"
Parents, students, and teachers one by one said their piece hoping to make public education a priority for Anchorages representatives. 
Many legislators have already made their way to the state's capital.
First session kicks off Tuesday and goes through April 14th.