College Gate Elementary welcomes Seahawks Malcolm Smith


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak--This fall College GAte Elemntary's gym teacher Katie Povolo submitted a video for the Make a Move video contest.

A few monts later, College GAte was 1 out 5 schools in the country to win the grand prize of 15,000 dollars.
"I was jumping up and down, that was exciting enough," Katie Povolo, College Gate Gym Teacher.

But the excitment doesn't stop there.

"And then two days later they're like and by the way you get to have an NFL player come visit your school, so I was beyond ecstatic," Povolo.

Seahwaks linebacker, Malcolm Smith, not only sent his congratulations but encouraged healthy eating and exercise.

He evne showed off some of his moves by joining in on the school's "What Up Warm Up. Followed by a touchdown dance challenge.

"It's good to come out and have a little bit of fun with them," Malcom Smith, Seattle Seahawks.

"I've been doing this for so many years with a bunch of Seahawks players and he just did every little thing it was amazing, so I'm so happy we had a great time up here," Ken Carson, Game Day Entertainment Host, Seattle Seahawks.  

The goal for the NFL's Fuel Up and Play 60 Program is to encourage being active for 60 minutes of play every day.

"Not getting the opportunity to go outside and exercise that energy so you can get back inside and concentrate is a problem, so I think that it is important and I'm happy to be an advocate for 60 minutes of play," Smith.

It's a simple concept this teacher says impacts a persons well-being in many ways.

"When kids exercise they do better academically, they feel better about themselves, they make social connections, it's just such a powerful tool and I know that personally," Povolo. 

The 15,000 dollars will be spent on embracing the outdoor winter sports the last frontier has to offer, buying cross country skils and snow shoes for students.

"I'm just really excited to get our kids out there next winter out on the skis and getting active," Povolo.

With Smith joining the students at the assembly, Ms. Povolo syas she's grateful these kids get a healthy hero to look up to.

"Those role models are really valuable to kids that speaks volumes to have them step up and say I did well in school and also did well in the playing field exercise helped me do that and it opened so many doors," Povolo.

Malcolm Smith had one last piece of advice for the kids at Collge Gate.

"Yea be active for 60 minutes a day, eat healthy, eat your yogurt and drink your milk," Smith.

Thse students, teachers, and an NFL player can all agree going from zero to sixty will lead to a better lifestyle.