Dimond High School gets inspiration from Jessica Cox


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- In the last frontier it's common to use the open sky as much as we use the roads. But, Alaska's pilots aren't quite as unique as this one.

"Say I lost my arms a lot later in life it's a lot more difficult to develop those skills, but because as I progressed through childhood I was constantly using my feet it was a natural process, that if I wanted to fly an airplane I would fly an airplane with my feet," Jessica Cox, International Motivational Speaker.

And flying a plane with her feet is exactly what she did.

While becoming the first person to ever fly a plane with her feet Jessica also overcame her bigger fear--flying.

Living a life with out arms has not stopped her from tackling anything life has thrown her way. Especially with family at her side.

"Since day one my parents have been very supportive, fortunately I was blessed with great parents who told me I could do anything, and my dad said I was never a victim of any condition, but that I was just different," Cox.

Cox spent Thursday afternnon at Dimond High School proving to these High Schoolers the sky really is the limit.

"The thought that a woman could do that with her feet helps them to realize that they can also do so much, the can do things with their hands and being a reminder is important to the youth that they can do anything they want to do," Cox.

It's safe to say her message truly resignated with some of the students.

"I  complain about high school I complain about how I can't do this and can't do homework and all that and she was able to overcome bullying and all that and now it's like if she can fly an airplane with just her feet and she trusts herself and other people put their lives in her hands well I guess you can say her feet then I can do anything and be just as inspirational as her," Zachary Schwab.   

And as Jessica told the students desire, persistanc, fearlessness, and of course thinking outsdie the shoe will help you be succesful in life.