First ASD Work Session for 2012


by Natalie Travis

(Anchorage, AK) It's the first Anchorage School District work session for the New Year.

From what it sounds like, 2012 is shaping up to be a very busy time for school officials.

Tonight’s closed work meeting hot topics include talking with the board about the district's Capitol Improvement Program.

Superintendent Carol Comeau says all ready they have bonds that will be heavily discussed over the next 3 months.

Come spring time, Comeau says the district will be gearing towards the end of the school year with a lot of testing and end of the year celebrations.

 Another big issue dominating the local headlines: who will be the next ASD superintendent?

School officials say that issue could be put to rest as soon as end of January or early February.

However officials also add that no announcements will be made until a contract is negotiated and signed.

School officials say Comeau will retire on the last day of June this year.

Starting on the 23rd, the district is devoting two full days to budget hearings.

"We’ll be cutting between $18,000,000 and $19,000,000 out of next year's budget,” Comeau said. “That will definitely create quite a bit of discussion in the community I think and among our employees," Comeau continued.

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