School Districts Change Lunch Menus


by Victoria Taylor

It's out with the old and in with the new when it comes to lunch in school districts across the state. Changes, as part of the hunger-free kids act passed in 2010 are starting to fill plates as lunchrooms nationwide get a facelift.

Foods that resembled fast food options are going to be disappearing from cafeteria menus across the Anchorage school district, according to LaDonna Dean, the districts new dietician.

Some of the changes included seperating fruits and vegetables into their own category so that each day students are served both. More lean proteins and whole grains have also been added to the menus.

In the Anchorage school district, meals are made fresh daily from a centralized kitchen. The pre packed meals are then delievered to each school in the early morning hours.

New menu changes were about fueling developing bodies, but also to raise food IQ. O'Malley Elementary School cafeteria manager, Diana Canady said, "It gives me more knowledge of what I should be serving to the kids and it helps me to help them grow and become more knowledgeable when it comes to getting their vitamins."

The district plans on continuing to develop the menu and change the foods offered to students over the next few school years.