GMAK Flies High with the World Sky Race

GMAK chats with Don Hartsell about the amazing and historical race set to take place around the world!


by Your GMAK News Team

Stevie sits down with Don Hartsell, Commissioner of the World Sky Race, to talk about the evolution and the economic and environmental benefits of the dirigible, made infamous by the untimely fate of the Hindenburg.

The World Sky Race is thought to become one of the largest events witnessed by people on 6 continents. Starting in London, manned dirigibles will circumnavigate the globe in a series of 18 back-to-back races, finally reaching an exciting conclusion with the finish line in Paris. The prize purse has been announced at $5 Million for the winner, along with the esteemed title of "World Sky Champion".

For more information about this incredible race, visit the World Sky Race website.