GMAK Talks Birth Options Rally

A rally held over Labor Day weekend focused on what women aren't being told about birth


by Your GMAK News Team

Special Correspondent Michele White tuned in with Good Morning Alaska to cover a special rally aimed at raising awareness for women and their birth options.

Dr. Glen Elrod and his wife Tara, owners of Integrated Women's Wellness and Center for Birth, came together with OBGYNs, mothers, and other community members to raise the alarm against what they call a "lack of knowledge" about birth and birthing options. According to the Elrods, expecting mothers and their families are misinformed about C-sections and how long labor should really last. This may lead some women to allow doctors to perform unnecessary and expensive medical procedures.

For more information about the Integrated Women's Wellness and Center for Birth, please visit their website. To learn more about your birthing options, please speak with a certified midwife or physician.