GMAK Learns Some Self Defense Against Bullies

GMAK speaks with Dan Strickland of Bully Proof about his program against bullying!


by Brooks Putman

 Stevie speaks with Dan Strickland about his anti-bullying program, Bully Proof.

The Bully Proof program will be having a FREE workshop at the Spenard Rec Center Saturday, July 27, from 1-4pm , targeting kids ages 6-14 years.

Strickland says there are three steps on the road to overcome bullying. The first, he says, is to walk away, if possible. If that's not possible, then the next step is to talk to a trusted adult about the issue, like a teacher or parent. If a mediator is unable to resolve the situation and it escalates to physical violence, Strickland's program helps students defend themselves by teaching them Barzilian jiu-jitsu, a form of defense martial arts that teaches respect for oneself and others. 

 For more information about the workshop or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Rural Alaska, check out their website or the BJRA Facebook page.