Summertime Grilling with Stevie and Guest Chef Laurie Constantino

This week Guest Chef Laurie Constantino shares her recipe for Pork Souvlaki!


by Your GMAK News Team

Pork Souvlaki (Kebabs with Oregano)

Serves 4

In village tavernas across Greece, souvlaki is often made with pork and assertively seasoned with oregano.  The cubes of meat are cut much smaller than what you usually get when you order kebabs in American restaurants.  Smaller pieces of meat increase the amount of surface exposed to fire, improve browning, and enhance the smoky grilled flavor. 



2 pounds pork butt (shoulder)


Freshly ground black pepper

Olive oil

1/3 cup dried oregano, crushed

Lemon wedges


Cut meat into 3/4” squares, but don’t trim off fat.  Thread 4 - 5 pieces of meat on short bamboo skewers.  Season all sides of meat with salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Rub olive oil on skewered meat.  Liberally sprinkle crushed oregano over meat, making sure all sides are well seasoned (this likely means putting on more oregano than you think reasonable). 


Grill skewers over a medium fire, turning when one side is brown, or over a hot fire, turning frequently.  Have spray bottle of water handy to prevent flare-ups caused by dripping fat, which burn the meat and prevent it from cooking evenly.  You can also cook skewers on top of stove in hot grill pan where they take about 7 - 10 minutes.  It’s important not to overcook meat or it won’t be juicy, but if it isn’t nicely browned, you won’t experience the true joy of perfectly grilled pork.


Souvlaki needs to be made with fatty meat, or it will dry out and won’t have as much flavor.  Tzatziki, a Greek yogurt and cucumber salad, is a great accompaniment. For authentic Greek flavor, serve with lemon wedges to squeeze over the pork.



Laurie Constantino is a food writer, cook, cooking teacher, cookbook author, and forager based in Anchorage, Alaska and Atsiki, Limnos, Greece. She writes about food, foraging, and her travels at LaurieConstantino.Com. Laurie brings a Mediterranean perspective, with its emphasis on fresh foods and quality ingredients, to everything she makes. For more of Laurie’s recipes and food tips, please visit her website.  Laurie’s cookbook, Tastes Like Home: Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska, is sold in Alaska bookstores or may be ordered here.