Summertime Grilling with Stevie and Guest Chef Suzette Lord

Suzette Lord shares her recipe for Chimichuri Sauce and a Honey Mustard for your Salmon


by Your GMAK News Team

Summer is here and the salmon are running. As a part of Summertime Grilling with Stevie, Your Alaska Link took Sockeye and King salmon to the grill where Chef Suzette Lord shares here recipe for Chimichuri and Honey & Mustard Salmon.

Chimichuri Sauce for Sockey Salmon

1 CUP Parsley

3 CLOVES Garlic

2 TBS Fresh or Dried Oregano

4 TBS Red or White Wine Vinegar

1/4 CUP Red Pepper Flakes

1/2 CUP Olive Oil

Black Pepper (to taste)

Keeps for about 2-3 days at most


Honey Mustard Sauce for King Salmon

Dijon Mustard


Organic Blue Agava Nectar


Place salmon filets on a piece of tinfoil and curl edges to create a 'boat.'

Use a spoon to spread the sauces, one sauce per filet.

Place on grill, cover and cook for 20 minutes.


 ***** Suzette Lord Weldon is an author, master chef, party coordinator and caterer, cooking instructor and newspaper columnist. She prides herself on her great Alaskan cooking which you can see more of in her two cookbooks, Suzette's Alaskan Cooking, available in most stores and on (