Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act fails


by Derek Smith

 Anchorage, AK--    A recent supreme court ruling that favors corporate health care has stirred the pot for many human rights activists across the country. 

     Senate bill 2-5-7-8 failed on the floor Wednesday. If passed, it would have held corporations responsible for providing birth control to their women employees though healthcare.
      After failing to reach sixty votes, the ruling is now receiving backblash from one Wasilla women's rights organization . 
 The president of Alaska's National Organization for Women Barbara Mcdaniels, who is also a gardner, says her beliefs for women's rights goes deeper than the roots of her perennials. 
     "This has been a fight since birth control became available," Mcdaniels says. 
     The National Right to Life group  located in the nations capital says the "Protect Women's health from Corporate Interference Act" is unconstitutional.