23 Year Old Admits to Critically Injuring Toddler

Joshua Sagayo is arraigned Friday afternoon.

by Chad news

The man who Anchorage Police say abused and critically injured a 22 month old boy was formally charged Friday. New information came out Friday on the man accused of violently shaking and beating the little boy.
It's a heart breaking story and unfortunately prosecutors say this incident could be another case of the shaken-baby-syndrome.

23 year old Joshua Sagayo was arraigned on 2 assault charges in the first and second degree of a 22 month old. According to charging documents Sagayo had been watching the child while his wife was at work. Reports say Sagayo admitted he had be "smacking the boy around" because the boy would not stop crying. The charging documents also say Sagayo admitted to slamming the 22 month old's head on the ground a couple of times.

Reports go on to say the child started to act unusual and Sagayo thought the boy was chocking and attempted to pray his mouth open with a can opener only to realize he was not chocking on anything.

Investigators say hospital officials reported the incident Tuesday night when the child was brought into the emergency room unresponsive with serious injuries. Lt. Paul Honeman with APD says "I also know from talking to the detectives this was a case the detective that's been working this case was pretty torn up about it you know your talking a young child that can't defend itself against an adult."

Tuesday's tramatic incident happened while Sagayo was baby-sitting the 22 month old. The charging documents say the biological father is reported to be in a california jail and the mother abandoned the little boy.
As of the beginning October the primary care-takers were Joshua Sagayo's parents. From May or June this past year to last month Joshua and his wife Seteli were known as the child's guardians.

As of Friday evening the toddler was in critical condition with life-threatening brian injuries. The Office of Children's Services has assumed protective custody of the injured child.