Lead Still Looms As A Threat To Alaskan Workers

by Chad news

Over 2,700 workers in Alaska have state health officials concerned. One in ten of workers given blood tests for lead revealed amounts that health officials consider unhealthy.

Miners appear to be most affected by these poor health conditions, as over 90 percent tested worked in mining.

According to state health epidemiologists, between 1995 and 2006 a decline in lead exposure occurred in every state in the country, except Alaska.

Severe lead exposures were at a lower rate for Alaskan workers. However the annual rate of moderately high exposures was higher when compared to workers tested in a national lead survey.

Risks associated with lead include: an increased risk of hypertension, anemia and problems in the central nervous system, kidneys and the reproductive system.

Most commonly construction, demolition, lead mining and battery manufacturing workers are exposed to lead.