Shake-up At ChangePoint As Pastor Takes Leave

Neither Clauson or representatives of the ChangePoint Church have said exactly why Clauson is taking a leave of absence. File photo, Alaska Superstation ABC®.

by Chad news

Karl Clauson, at the request of the board of elders, has agreed to take a leave of absence from all of his responsibilities at ChangePoint. According to the church, there is not any hint of financial or sexual wrong-doing or any other illegal activity.

The church has stated that Clauson had stumbled with respect to the core spiritual values of the church. Though Clauson has stepped down from his leadership position, the church claims that they still support him and hope to reinstate him into another position in the future.

For nine years Clauson led the church which is now located at the site of the old Alaska Seafood International building. Clauson is most notably known for asking the state to help fund the Anchorage SportsDome, a demand that was later withdrawn.

ChangePoint representatives said that Dan Jarrell will take on Clauson's responsibilities for the time being.