April 1st Elections In Anchorage

by Chad news

Tuesday is Election Day in Anchorage and there are 20 propositions on the ballot and many candidates vying for office.

For a link to the official election homepage, and a brief rundown of the propositions and candidates, refer to the bottom of this page.

Proposition 1 allots almost $7-million to fix up libraries, the sullivan arena, and the art museum. Propositions 2 and 3 are directed toward the anchorage school district with $34.3-million for Chester Valley and Sand Lake Elementary schools, as well as $9.4-million for district-building upkeep.

Proposition 4 aims to give $2-million to the Parks and Recreation division for pool maintenance and monies to keep service open.

The largest bond, proposition 5, gives $44.8-million to 40 city, road and drainage projects including downtown sidewalks.

Proposition 8 is a vote for or against taxi-cab de-regulation.

Also on the ballot are the Assembly candidates elections.

Chris Blankenship and Patrick Flynn are running for the downtown seat.

For the Eagle River-Chugiak seat, Bill Starr and Anthony Lemons are in the running.

There is a 3-way race for the West Anchorage seat between Harriet Drummond, Bert Hoak, and Sherri Jackson.

Running for the Midtown seat are Dick Traini and Elvi Gray-Jackson.

The two running for the East Anchorage seat are Paul Bauer and Mike Gutierrez.

Chris Birch, Jesse Busick, and Mike Kenny are all running for the South Anchorage seat.

The School Board Candidates will also be considered in this vote.

Eight are in the running for seat C: David Boyle, David Dunsmore, Pat Higgins, Leigh Carrigan, Gilbert Sanchez, Steve Pratt, Kathleen Plunkett, and Scott Pryde.

Running for seat D are: Toni Truelove, John Steiner, and James Labelle.

The polls are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Propositions Break Down

Proposition 1 $6.9-Million Public Building Maintaince
Proposition 2 $34.3-Million Chester Valley and Sand Lake
Proposition 3 $9.4-Million ASD Building Improvements
Proposition 4 $2-Million Parks and Rec Pools
Proposition 5 $44.8-Million Road and Drainage Projects
Proposition 8 Yes or No Taxi Cab Deregulation

Anchorage Assembly Candidates Break Down

Seat B Downtown Chris Blankenship, Patrick Flynn
Seat C Eagle River-Chugiak Bill Starr, Anthony Lemons
Seat E West Anchorage Harriet Drummond, Bert Hoak, Sherri Jackson
Seat G Midtown Dick Traini, Elvi Gray-Jackson
Seat I East Anchorage Paul Bauer, Mike Gutierrez
Seat K South Anchorage Chris Birch, Jesse Busick, Mike Kenny

School Board Candidates Break Down

Seat C David Boyle, David Dunsmore, Pat Higgins, Leigh Carrigan, Gilbert Sanchez, Steve Pratt, Kathleen Plunkett, Scott Pryde
Seat D Toni Truelove, John Steiner, James LaBelle

To view the official Municipality of Anchorage Elections page click here.