Suicidal standoff ends in arrest

by Chad news

A standoff between Anchorage Police and a man, who officers described as armed and suicidal, occurred during the early morning commute on the Glenn Highway. Speaking on the KWHL radio station KWHL 106.5, officer Paul Honeman told listeners the armed man was a Terrence Jones.

Traffic was shut down on both sides of the highway near the Eklutna flats. Jones, who was involved in a carjacking, engaged in a high-speed chase during the morning rush hour, said police.

Police officers surrounded the Chevrolet Tahoe, and after a tense standoff, Jones finally surrendered.

Initial reports state that at around 7:15 a.m. Jones approached the Tahoe at the intersection of East 20th Avenue and Norene Street and forced the driver out of the vehicle. A police chase ensued, leading officers north on the highway at speeds reaching 90 miles an hour. It took several sets of spike-strips to bring the vehicle to a halt in a marsh next to the highway.

Traffic on the highway was backed up for miles, with some were parked for over an hour.

The highway has reopened, and traffic is moving slowly as everyone resumes their commute.