5 Arrested For Invasion Burglary: Multiple Felony Charges

by Jamey Kirk

Anchorage police officers responded to a home invasion early Tuesday morning near Reka Drive. The five Burglary suspects, four adult males and one juvenile male, entered the premises wearing ski masks and carrying firearms.

According to the statement issued by the Anchorage Police Department the suspects demanded and stole money, drugs, DVD's, electronics and a shotgun.

The victims told police that they awoke to find three males standing over them, and were then ordered to the floor at gunpoint. The men continually demanded money and valuables, whilst threatening the use of the firearms. Fortunately no one was injured.

One of the victims told responding officers that he could identify at least two of the suspects as past acquiantences. Police were led to the home of 19-year-olds Shane and Shawn Uele, where after a brief investigation, the other three suspects were found hiding in a closet at the Uele home.

Upon aprehending the five suspects, all were charged with multiple felony criminal counts. Detectives believe drugs may have been involved in the incident.

Along with the Uele brothers, detectives arrested 18-year-old Jonathan Sala and 19-year-old Eric Saole. All were charged with Robbery, Burglary, Misconduct Involving Weapons, Felony Theft and Felony Assault in the Third Degree.

All have been sent to the Anchorage Jail. Bail is set at $12,500 for Sala and Saole, and $15,000 for Shawn Uele and $20,000 for Shane Uele.

The fifth male is identified as being 15 years of age, however his name cannot be released in accordance with state law. He will be detained at the McLaughlin Youth Center.

Arraignment of the four adult defendants is set for 3:00 p.m. Wednesday May 7th.