Repair Work Underway On Snettisham Dam Power Lines

Repair crews expect to have the towers planted sometime this weekend. File photos, Alaska Superstation ABC®.

by Jamey Kirk

In Juneau repair work is underway to bring the city back on line with hydro-electric power. Crews are currently working outside the Snettisham dam trying to repair a power line that was destroyed by a massive avalanche last month.

Since the downing of the transmissions lines, the entire city has been powered by a series of diesel generators, at more than 3-times the cost to local rate payers.

Fortunately a foundation of one of the towers remained intact, which will allow crews to reconnect the city within weeks rather than months.

"Most of the snow at the lower elevation is gone. Now there is still one tower that still has 20 feet or more, excuse me one tower site that has 20 feet or more of avalanche snow and ice and debris that they are still digging out. But the foundation for the tower that you see behind me and these other towers those are clear of snow now and we?ll be able to set a tower there," said Scott Willis of Alaska Electric Light & Power.

Crews plan to plant the two towers that were brought down by sometime this weekend.