Moua Trial Continues As Jurors Decide On Charge

Leng Moua sat in court and watched as his video testimony was played for Jurors who will determine his sentencing. File photo, Alaska Superstation ABC®.

by Jamey Kirk

An Anchorage murder trial continued on Tuesday and while there is no dispute as to whether Leng Moau killed his wife, Jurors must consider the nature of the crime. The question that the Jurors face is, was the woman's death a murder or manslaughter.

Jury members watched a video of the police interview in which defendant Leng Moua spoke about the incident. In the video he goes into detail as to why he developed so much anger toward his wife Shoua Lee.

Moua faces first and second degree murder charges for the killing of Lee.

On April 2006 the couple argued about going to visit their son in California for his graduation. Eventually the argument escalated and Moua stabbed his wife at least nine times, while four of his step children where in the house, said police.

As the interview tape played, Jurors listened to Moua confide to police that his wife had called him a "dog" and that she didn't thank him for watching the kids while she went to work.

"You don't see me as an important role in the family any more. All the money I have spent bringing you up here I won't count. After you pay me I just pack up my stuff and just leave," said Moua during the interview.

If convicted of manslaughter Moua stands to face up to at least five years, however a first degree murder charge could bring a 99-year sentence.

The trial is set to continue on Wednesday.