Ketchikan Infant Run Over By Pickup

After arriving at Ketchikan General Hospital, the child was eventually transported to a Seattle hospital. Photo courtesy the AP.

by Jamey Kirk

In Ketchikan a 22-month-old boy was run over by a pickup truck, leaving the child in critical condition in a Seattle hospital. The accident occurred Tuesday afternoon when a family visitor departed from the home where the boy was playing outside.

As the truck backed out of the drive, the child moved behind the passenger side of the truck, said Ketchikan Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett. The boy was knocked down, then run over. The boy was driven to Ketchikan General Hospital by his parents.

The child has suffered severe trauma to his chest said Dossett.

The 20-year-old driver underwent an interview conducted by responding officers as well as blood and urine samples.

Dossett said both the driver's and a witness's account were consistent.