Interrogation Video Reveals Tix's Motives In Friend's Shooting

Todd Tix sits and listens to arguments made by prosecutors who have accused Tix of intentionally trying to kill his friend Terry Tumbleson. File photo, Alaska Superstation ABC®.

by Jamey Kirk

Todd Tix, the man accused of killing his friend Terry Tumbleson in February of last year, made a startling revelation during his Monday trial. Prosecutors played an interrogation video from the Anchorage Police Department, which gave the jury some insight into Tix's motives.

Prosecutors charge that Tix shot Tumbleson over suspensions that Tumbleson was having an afair with Tix's then girlfriend.

While in custody, Tix told police that he hopes his crime of murder is found to be justifiable. Tix has been unable to prove that an affair took place, however Tix claims he contracted herpes from his girlfriend after she began interacting with Tumbelson.

Tix explained to police that Tumbelson was the kind of man who liked to make him suffer.

"Over time, that went to friendly to something other than that where mr. Tumbelson manipulated him and enjoyed causing him pain." said Timothy Landels of the APD.

Tix himself tried to justify himself, "I'm hoping this thing looks like justified homicide. I'm hoping. I can definitely say I was out of my head."

Closing statements will be given on Tuesday. Prosecutors have asked for a first-degree murder charge, Tix, they say, intended to kill his friend.