Jury Issues Verdict In Tix Trial

Prosecutors, Todd Tix and his lawyer sit and listen to the reading of the verdict. File photo, Alaska Superstation ABC®.

by Jamey Kirk

The jury in the Todd Tix murder trail reached a verdict Wednesday afternoon after only three and a half hours of deliberation. Tix was found guilty of first degree murder and is facing up to 99 years in prison.

The jury agreed that Tix murdered his friend Terry Tumbleson in February of last year.

No emotion was shown by Tix during the reading of the verdict.

Prosecutors argued throughout the trial that Tix intended to kill Tumbleson for two reasons. According to the prosecution, Tix was convinced Tumbleson was having an affair with his then girlfriend. The prosecution also argued that Tix believed Tumbleson was going to take away the son he fathered with his girlfriend.

Tix tried to defend his actions, saying that it was self defense that drove him to shoot Tumbleson. This did not sway the jury.

Tumbleson's family felt a sense of relief from the verdict. "They made him look like a major drug dealer - which was false. Now my brother can rest in peace. Justice was served," said brother Dereck Tumbleson.

Terry Tumbleson Jr. explained his feelings on the verdict, "I knew - there was no doubt in my mind it was first degree. The progression of him calling the cops, it was all pre-meditated. I knew it was going to be a verdict of first degree."

Tix will be sentenced on December 15th.