Two-Touring Families Killed – UPDATE

Visting Couples killed in plane crash - (L) Marianne and Paul McManus (R) Jeanne and William Eddy.

by Chad news

LOWER 48 - ABC Alaska New learned more on Wednesday night, about the second couple, Marianne and Paul McManus. Paul is a retired Boston area Firefighter, his former co-workers praised him at his home on Wednesday - and it's been an emotional day for their daughter, Jodi, who was fighting back tears as she thanked the Coast Guard for all their help. Jodi said that her parents were really looking forward to this trip.

In a double blow to the family it turns out that the tow women killed were sisters. Jodi O'Brien, the daughter of Jodi McManus told ABC Alaska News that, "The families of Paul and Marianne McManus and Bill and Jeanne Eddy are shocked and numb at the news of this devastating tragedy. These two couples gave a tremendous amount of their time helping and loving others ."

Former Co-worker, Chief Michael McNamee of the Worchester Fire Department, said, "He was certainly excellent at a fire. If you want to find him you would look in the thick of things and that's usually where you would find him. He always pulled more than his share of weight."

The Cause of the plane crash is still under investigation.

Reported by: James Sears

Two-Touring Families Killed in Plane Crash (Reported on July 25, 2007)

SOUTHEAST ALASKA – Family and friends took time to remember those lost in Tuesday's plane crash. The float plane went down just outside of Ketchikan, killing five-people. The passengers were on their second day of a seven-day round trip from Seattle.

Two couples were remembered on the Princess Cruise Liner on Wednesday – in memory of the 4-passengers that were killed in Tuesday's plane crash – the ships flag was brought to half staff.

Ketchikan based, Taquan Air, was first to report the plane missing. 6-hours later, the scene was located, just 35-miles northeast of Ketchikan The passengers on the Sun Princess were on a side trip from their cruise the second day of a seven-day trip from Seattle.

Killed in the crash was the Pilot, 56-year old Joseph Campbell of Ketchikan. Also on board the plane was William and Jeanne Eddy, both 59-years old form Jacksonville, Florida – as well as 60-year old Paul Mcmanus and his wife 56-year old Marianne of Leicester, Massachusetts.

Regional Director, for the National Transportation Safety Board, Jim LaBelle, said, "So we'll actually look at the crash site. Assess the damage there is. Assess the various components see if we see some signs of any operational or mechanical failure or any issues with the weather that could be a factor."

A long time neighbor of the Eddy's says that the community is very sad about the loss of his friends and they will be truly missed. Family friend, Tom Slaine, said "how short it is short it is, and how uncertain it is, and live every day to its fullest you can because you hope its not your last but you have no control over that."

On Wednesday, the Captain gave a reminder to all the passengers on the Cruise, as he had a moment of silence on the ship for the victims.

There were no other relatives traveling with the victims. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

Reported by: Julie Talley