Shoot Out at Wolfies leads to Injuries and Death

by Chad news

ANCHORAGE – No arrests have been made for the murder that happened outside a bar in south Anchorage, early on Sunday morning. Police say it's safe to say that guns and alcohol don't mix and this may be the case for this weekends fatal shootout.

The Anchorage Police Department (APD) tells us that at least 4-men are involved with the fight that started inside of Wolfies Bar, which continued out in the parking lot on a foot chase.

Multiple gunshots were reported around 3:30 in the morning on Sunday, just outside of Wolfies Bar in south Anchorage. Responding Officers found 2-Asian males, in their mid-20s, suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest.

The 2-men were transported to a local hospital for emergency treatment and both are now listed in serious but stable condition.

Later on Sunday morning, Police and K9 dogs discovered a dead body face down in a wooded area about a block form where the shoot out first occurred. The man's body identified as 22-year old Darnell Jones Jr.

Police say that Jones appeared to have died from a gunshot wound, however a full autopsy is being performed. A Black male, also in his mid-20s admitted his involvement in the incident.

Homicide Detectives are currently investigating Jones' death and the shootings. Lt. Paul Honeman explained, "It's not very clear but what we've shown, what experience has shown us is usually alcohol, drugs, disputes over girls, debt, money owed. It could be any of those or actually none of those and we will know when the investigation is complete."

The incident marks the 14th homicide in Anchorage this year. The cause of the argument and who actually fired the shots is still under investigation.

Regarding the number of Anchorage arrests that involve firearms that Anchorage Police told ABC Alaska News that in 1996 there were around 200-arrests with crimes involving firearms and back just two years ago, in 2005, the numbers were down to about 80-arrests due to a change in the law and permit requirements.

Reported by: Julie Talley