APD seeks dispatchers


by Derek Smith

ANCHORAGE, Ak--- Karen Kurtz has been an APD dispatcher for more than twenty four years. 

She says it's the kind of job where you never experience the same day twice. 
"No matter how long you are in this job, there is something always new and different," Says Kurtz..
Kurtz says pace is unpredictable.
" In a heart beat it can go from absolutely nothing happening to holding on to your finger nails and pushing through because we have a disaster going on. Its always a challenge. "
APD announced this week they are looking for new dispatchers. 
APD staff says there are not enough dispatchers to handle the volume of phone calls they receive per day.
"We are seeing a huge increase in calls here at the department and obviously that goes to our dispatchers, so we need a lot of well qualified multi tasking people to fill those positions," Jennifer Castro of APD says. 
 Wow the dispatcher position is considered the heart of the department. They can receive 3 to 800 calls daily. One might think thats a pretty stressfull job, however Jennifer Castro maintains there is a lot of reward at the end of the day. 
"Realistically there is a lot more rewards doing this job than there is stress because you are getting to help people first in a lot of those situations. You're it for that person," Castro says. 
For dispatchers like Karen, helping people is her passion. 
The stress factor she says is just like any other job related stress. 
"It gets stressful, even with all my years on it gets stressful, but the reality what I find not just for me but for other people; The things that stress me in other customer services job stress me here. 
To apply for the position of Dispatcher, you can visit APD's website at www.joinAPD.org