APD seeks suspect in 12th Ave. shooting


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- At 2:11 PM APD responded to a shooting on 12th Ave and Hyder St. that left two wounded.

"Well I'm moving," Rose Gary, Fairview Resident.

It's a neighbors quick reaction to a double shooting that happened in her Fairview neighborhood in broad daylight.

"I was just sitting in my living room talking on my phone, and I heard shots it
sounded like atleast 6," Gary.

"I was outside next thing I know 1,2,3,4,5 gunshots, and I got up from my seat," Rhonda, Fairview Resident.

Rhonda says after she witnessed the shooting she immediatley called police dispatch.

"Police responded and located two gun shot wound victims over here in this grassy area off of 12th between Hyder and Gamble they were transported to a local hospital with which appears to be non-life threatening injuries," Jennifer Castro, Spokesperson, APD.

But from what neighbors say this isn't the only story coming out of Wednesday's incident.

Disturbances such as this one are not new to any of the residents here.

"It's just every night almost it's just something going on it's crazy," Gary.

"Drinking, drugs, fighting," Rhonda.

APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro says while it may not always be an actual shooting the Fairview area has a higher call volume for reporters of shots fired.

"You don't actually find any shell casing or indications that a shooting has actually occurred sometimes it can be as simple as fireworks a car alarm, so we don't always know if it was a shooting necessarily but we do get a higher call volume in this area compared to other areas of town," Castro.

The victims have yet to be identifed as of late evening and the shooter is still at large.

As for this area, neighbors says the same group of people commonly gather.

2:38 it's really hard because my husband is deaf and you know bullets could have
gone through the house and he would have never known it was happening,