ASD First Online Returning Student Registration Successful


by Marissa Silver

Anchorage, AK - Parents requested and the Anchorage School District delivered.

This year parents of 38,000 returning ASD students were able to register their kids online rather than in person, allowing a longer registration time of a month instead of the traditional one week.
And online registration benefited the ASD as well since it made for less paperwork for them, and allowed for more focus on preparing for the upcoming school year.
"We're really happy with how online registration went, we're looking forward to improving it even more for next year and we're really excited to see our students back in our classrooms next week," said Heather Roach who is a Spokesperson for the Anchorage School District.
ASD says over 30,000 students were registered online which is about 80 percent of those who were eligible.