Alaska Moose Federation ready to help orphan moose

One moose could produce 17 to 19 offspring


by Mike Ford

Dana Debernardi is hoping this winter is slow for the Alaska Moose Federations salvage program but they are ready. "We have trucks state wide with a bunch of hard working volunteers, working day in,day out  24 hours a day" 

When a cow moose is hit on the highway there is a chance her calves will be hit too."The sad thing is when a cow gets hit her calves don't go far away..they either get hit themselves or predators get them" Debernardi said.

In 2013 the Moose Federation helped three orphan calves grow strong enough to be released back into the wild near Cordova. The three young moose were fitted with tracking devices and seem to be doing well according to Debernardi."We actually just got an aerial shot of them a couple weeks ago and they are nice and big and healthy and running around like crazy"

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