Alaska Native Cultural Charter School celebrates Elizabeth Peratrovich


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- One local charter school stresses the importance of learning about Alaska native culture.

This is the case at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School.

For the past four months, Mrs. Harrington's third grade class has been learning about a civil rights activist, Elizabeth Peratrovich, for Alaskan natives in the 1940's.

Through classroom activities, songs and presentations, the students have learned about this leader and how she was an instrumental part of our states history.

"Its not like natives could do anything they wanted during that time, so i think it's important to know about her because we need to know who let the natives be free," Peter, 3rd grade student.

The students also sang and presented their knowledge to the entire school on Monday.

The offical day to celebrate Peratrovich is this Sunday February 16th.