Alaska Red Cross seek donors


by Derek Smith

 ANCHORAGE, Ak-- Red Cross Alaska has trained more than 65 communities in the state of Alaska, generating numerous amounts of success stories. Check out what this Red Cross first responder said after responding to the 2013 flooding in Galena.

" In may of last year, our community was flooded requiring the evacuation of over 194 individuals and 60 plus pets. The Red Cross was quick to repond to the needs of the evacuess and set up centers to provide assitance," says a first team responder. 

And thanks to the dynamic efforts, the Red Cross training in rural areas paid off. 

"But sometimes in the case of Galena, we may get donations from the home depots and various other places and clean up supplies to help those folks in need," CEO of Red Cross Tanguy Libbrecht says.

Red cross is an organization that relys on their donors. Last year, Alaska Red Cross contributed over a half million dollars to 1500 families in need across the state. And that doesn't even cover half their costs. Red Cross really encourages this year to continue donating so they can continue to reach out to all communities. 

"We certainly like for people to donate through pick click give. We really do rely on that. That is spectacular for us. Also, the monthly appeals we ask from people. We also have businesses and corporations that give us supplies," Libbrecht says. 

It's the lending hand that allows Red Cross to perform their duties, especially in remote villages such as Galena. 

"The training received by Galena Red Cross members allowed us to provide assistance /support to the victims of the disasters and at the same time provide assistance to the responders without getting in the waym, " first team responder said.