Aleyska closing puts damper on Girdwood


ANCHORAGE, Ak---For the second week in a row, undesirable temperatures hits the South Central area.

"This weather is just not something that we've had before, everything is different.," Chair 5 Manager Gretchen Bell from Girdwood says. 
After learning the Alyeksa Resort was closed indefinitely Monday shocked the Chair 5 manager. 
"That was shocking news when they said that yesterday, because thats kind of unprecendented for them to do that," Bell says. 
For the third time in just two weeks, Alyeska staff has shut the resort down due to unoperatable conditions. 
 "We decided to close down until our snow firms up. It's not the most ideal skiing conditions I think alaskans are used too." Marketing Director of Alyeska Jessica Pezak says. 
Monday's near fifty degree weather brought another shocking surprise to Alaskans, except for Alyeska staff. They say this isn't too odd for January temperatures. They expect a huge turn around within the near future. 
"This has happen in the past. We have a huge warmer trend in the middle of January, then it just dumped. We just got to stay positive about the future, we have plenty of time for a pretty incredible spring," Pezak says. 
For restaurant manager and avid snowboarder, Gretchen says we can only keep our fingers crossed for snow. 
"Everybody is crossing their fingers, praying for snow because if we continue this way, I dont know if people are going to use their spring break to come down to the mountain like they normally do," Bell states.