Anchorage bicyclists numbers growing for Bike to Work day


by Derek Smith

ANCHORAGE, AK-- Jim Vorderstrasse bikes every day. As a property manager, he even bikes to work. 

     " I am a self employed property manager. I do a lot of cycling to the home improvement stores on a daily basis. I cycle every day, " Jim Vorderstrasse says. 

     He also wears a hose horn around his neck. It's a symbol that reminds him of his friend William Curry, who was killed in a bike accident a few years ago. 

"It was snowing at an interesection and some poor lady was looking left and turning right and caught him. As cyclist we have to be aware of our surroundings," Vorderstrasse says. 

Friday, the Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage hosted their first bike to work day in the Winter.      Anchorage residents such as Jim use this time to commerate fallen friends. 

       "Winter cyclists and year round cyclists are really spirited and enthusiastic bunch and the theme of  bike to work day is to embrace Winter," Volunteer Boardmember from the Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage Lindsey Hajduk says. 

 The bca, or Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage  threw a party Friday for biking commuters.  They notice it's challenging as a biker to make daily commutes. They want to raise awareness with each "Bike to Work" event. 

"We will have another bike to work day in the Summer. We do a Summer bike challenge through out the month of may. We will have many more to come in the future," Hajduk says.  

     Bicyclist Jim says his friend William would been here along with him to help celebrate the biker holiday. 

"He was a commuter. The commuters have a camaraderie," Vorderstasse says.