Police arrest an Anchorage man after violent crime spree


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE -- A man is in jail after a crime spree- including crimes of sexually assaulting a woman, entering two homes un-wanted, and assaulting two grandparents.

Police got a call Wednesday morning about 40-year-old Travis Felder sexually assaulting a woman on the block of 2200 Gambell Street.

Felder left the scene wearing a black bra and a pair of women's capri pants, then he went into a home wearing women's clothes acting strange , and laid down on a bed.

The homeowner got Felder up and dropped him off.

Felder then went inside an elderly couple's home and attacked them.

When the residents fled the home they called police.

Felder took a shower in the homw and dressed in their pajamas.

Police believe Felder was on multiple drugs and speculate it to be methamphetamine and marijuana.

Travis Felder faces a slew of charges to include sexual assault, burglary and assault.