Arctic Boulevard closed for the rest of the summer


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE --sunday afternoon  anchorage residents saw a closure to Arctic Boulevard.

Project Engineer, Michael Gault says they are working on soil improvement.

Contracaters run into clay-like soil often in Alaska, so the ground needs stabilization for the roads.

"These cylinders are basically 20 foot by 8 foot in diameter and they will provide additional stability to the wet soil beneath us." said Gault.

This project will close arctic for the duration of the summer.

What workers are doing now are digging holes on both sides of the rail road tracks to support an overpass bridge.

"What you are going to see here is a bridge about 35-feet above us where we

are standing right now," adds Gault. "This bridge is a single stand, 200 foot long, 100 foot wide."

The 38 million dollar project will be officially open for proper traffic in October of 2015, but in August of this year only half will be complete.

"When the project is opened on Arctic you will see rather large  abutment

on  east and west Arctic Blvd."

In the end there will finally be a way to connect drivers from southwest anchorage to northwest.