Boys and Girls Club Alaska honor partnerships and programs


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE -- Organizations from all around gathered together in partnership with Boys and Girls Club to celebrate the development of youth in Alaska.

CEO of Boys and Girls Club Alaska, Alana Humphrey says it gives great opportunities to bring national staff in and celebrate their public private partnerships. "It helps us increase the impact we have right on Alaska kids."

One program that has made its mark  is suicide prevention; a program that educates youth about the problem of high suicide rates in Alaska.

"The partnership that Boys and Girls Club has with health and social services and that

partnership is involved in a pilot program to reduce youth suicide," said Humphrey. "We are running that in 11 clubs this year and seeing what we can do to make our kids be safer, happier and healthier."

It's emphasized at Boys and Girls Club.

Commissioner Bill Streur says its an opportunity in a safe environment to coach the kids who are not threatened. Streur says, "they can see and listen and learn based on what we present to them."

The volunteer of the year award went a well deserved candidate.

A man who climbed Mount Everest last year to raise money for the Boys and Girls club of rural Alaska.

Arctic Slope Region Corporation Communications Director, Ty Hardt says its about the kids. "It means to me to raise money for the Barrow club. There is such a need for helping the youth across the state of Alaska."

And where suicide is more prevalent, there is help for the youth.

"For us to just do our part is such a relief," added Hardt. "It lets us know that there is help across the state for the youth that need it and we are just really excited to have a relationship with the Boys and Girls Club.