"Close Call" for Two Planes in Faibanks


by Mike Ford

Federal aviation safety officials are investigating why two commercial airplanes flew within 150 vertical feet of each other earlier this week in whats being termed a "close call" above Fairbanks International Airport.
National transportation safety board investigators say one plane was forced to dive to avoid a collision Tuesday
Air traffic controllers had cleared an Era Alaska PA-31 Navajo for take off. A Beech craft 1900 operated by Warbelow's air ventures was approaching for a landing. The official says the Navajo took off and turned right just as the beechcraft passed below. The Beechcraft had to push its nose down to keep from hitting the other plane with its tail. Two air traffic control experts will fly to Fairbanks from Washington, d.c., and will be joined there by an Anchorage investigator. Between the certificated part of the airport and the general aviation side, the airport averages about eight flights per hour daily. Fairbanks International Airport serves close to a million passengers a year.