Consumer Index Prices


by Gretchen Parsons

 The National Consumer Price Index came out with new inflation figures Thursday.

Nationally the cost of living went up 3.14% and in Anchorage it rose  3.5% from last year.
"Our inflation is up because of many different factors. For 2013 probably one of the biggest drivers is the cost of housing in Anchorage and as well as the cost of goods, getting them to our state," Says Bill Popp, CEO of AEDC.
But inflation wont just affect the cost of houses and groceries.
"Well inflation pretty much affects the over all cost of living, the CPI is just that, it's a measure of how much it will cost the average consumer for the goods that they need on a daily basis."
"It will be noticeable, you will see it in the super market where you buy groceries mostly," said Richard Oswald, Parking Enforcement Anchorage.
Prices might be rising but apparently so are salaries.
"There was about a 5% increase in wage in Anchorage in 2013. That definitely stayed ahead of inflation in terms of an average," said Popp.