E-Portfolios will pop up at UAA by next fall


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE -- From the beginning of education, portfolios have been made by people to show their credibility and accomplishments.

"As technology has matured we have found ways to now move that information and tools online" said Paul Waskos, E-Portfolio Coordinator at UAA.

Wasko is talking about e-portfolios; he moved to Alaska to establish a campus-wide program at UAA.

"Within the lower 48 the number of initiatives that focused on how you

might use this technology is in support for education and training," added Wasko.

UAA is currently in the beginning stages to implement the e-portfolio program, and hopes to expand the initiative across the state

"They look how we as an institution are best serving the needs of students," said Wasko.

"In the community and that aggregation can be a portfolio."