East High School honored with "2014 Top AFS School" Award


by Jessica Gruenling


ANCHORAGE, Ak-- This month East High was named one of the top AFS schools for 2014. It was one of 79 schools selected and the only school named in Alaska

Currenty they are hosting two students from Belgium and Spain.

Both students applied throught the AFS program. They chose three different countries to go to, and they were placed her in the US with a host family from Anchorage.

"In Belgium we have 12 classes we have to take. We can't take the fun stuff like we do here. Here I take jewelry, guitar, all the fun classes and in Belgium we can't choose it it's all after school activities," Elena Goedefroot, Belgium exchange student. 
"I always wanted to try a high school experience because of the American movies and shows, so now I can finally do it. There are some aspects in the movies that they don't show," Lucamairia Casagrande, Italy exchange student. 
"It's a great honor to have the students here. The opportunity for them to be here is great for them as well because it gives them an experience they've never had, but it's also a good experience for our students to have people from another country," Sam Spinella, Principal East High School.
Both students arrived in Anchorage in August. They are both seniors who are graduating in June and then they'll head back to their respective countries.
They say so far they've enjoyed their time experiencing a different style of education and culture.