Families Welcome Alaska Army National Guardsmen Back Home


by Marissa Silver

 Anchorage, AK - Families are reunited after Alaska Army National Guardsmen returned from deployment in Guantanamo Bay.

Saturday was the day Jennifer Murphy and her two kids had been waiting for...
"I'm pretty excited, I had a little trouble this morning because it didn't feel like it was happening and then on the drive here it felt like it took forever to get here," said Jennifer Murphy who is the Spouse of one of the Guardsman in the 761st MP Battalion.
For a year they had to handle living with a piece of their unit missing.
"It was a mixture of things, it was definitely learning how to do things on our own, we moved into a new house right before he left and that was a big overcoming obstacle, but it was work, we were able to keep in contact with him everyday, which was awesome,  but other than that it was stressful, and depressing and very lonely," Murphy said.
But then in an instant, everything changed for the families waiting at the gate as they were able to greet their soldiers when they came around the corner with welcomed smiles, cheers and hugs.
And it was equally special for the Guardsmen as well.
"You talk to your family over and over again on the phone and you constantly tell your wife, I can't wait to be home, I can't wait to be home," said Captain Brian Fuchs with the 761st MP Battalion. "It feels amazing, it's been a long time coming."
As for the Murphys', they have a lot of catching up to do.
"Just getting used to each other, that's always a big deal, we wanted to do plans, but it's really just important to get back to the way things were and reintroduce, it's been a year of our lives that we've missed," Murphy said.
The Guardsmen has been deployed in Guantanamo Bay in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and were responsible for informing Higher Headquarters of anything that happened with the detainees.