Final US Senate debate between Republican candidates proceeds for a spot in the primaries


by Derek Smith

 Anchorage, AK--   It's been a high profiled campaign season. Each Republican candidate running for a spot in the US Senate have all taken jabs at Mark Begich, the Democrat imcumbent. But Monday, they were taking jabs at each other. 

     Candidates were asked a sleu of questions, ranging from the national debt to social security reform, which according to former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan says is on a road to bankruptcy. 
 "The younger generation needs to reform, by raising the age, and performing means testing. These are things we need to accept because right now, they don't think they are going to get it," Sullivan says.
While Sullivan agrees to means testing, a test that determines if a family qualifies for government assistance, former LT. Governor Mead Treadwell isn't buying it. He says investing is the only way to incentivize a retirement fund. 
 "We don't need it. The government might perform means testing and I reject that. Using your own way to invest for yourself is the only way to fix this challenge," Treadwell says. 
The question seemingly resonating on every Alaskan's mind is the national debt, which is at  seventeen trillion dollars. When asked how to cut that debt, candidate Joe Miller simply says to  "abolish" the IRS.  
 "And the reason why is because the IRS is running rampant. It costs more than it actually impacts the economy," Miller says. 
   Miller goes on to say getting rid of all taxes except fair taxes will have a huge impact on businesses significantly. 
    As to decrease borrowed money from the federal government, the three candidates spiraled into one general direction saying we need to become more independent as a state.  
  For the Chamber of Commerce, it was the last time the public received it's chance to view these three one more time just before hitting the polls on August 19th.